Saturday, June 8, 2013

Good news on the way? Ladybug sighting

I was picking strawberries the other day and came across this cute little ladybug in the middle of the berry patch.  (This was a cell phone pic so not the best quality.  Looks great on the phone, though!) Ladybugs have been considered good luck in the world of China adoption.  I'm hoping that this means good news is coming our way soon!  Come on LOA!  

Our son apparently has his summer haircut (NO hair!).  He is still very handsome and even in this still photo below (also fuzzy, sorry.  I can't seem to win) looks to me like he is plotting some mischief!   In the pic, he's at a going away party for his friend who is with her forever family now.  I'm so very happy for her, but a little sad for my son.  It has to be hard to see your friends leaving and wonder when *your* family will come for you.  I can't imagine.   Our son and this little girl have a special relationship; she is the little girl who he drags the nanny upstairs to greet every morning.  Or did before she met her family.  She's coming home to the US, so our kids will hopefully see each other again in the not too distant future!  They are both sharing the lap of a nanny in the pic below.