Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Power of Family

This video is too awesome not to share.  It's been floating around the adoption blogs that I read for a while now.  Originally my sister-in-law sent it to me but I was reminded about it last week when I saw another video of  one of the sons of this family playing the guitar.  It might not sound that special at first.  Except...this guy was born without arms.  When you're done watching this one, Google "George Dennehy and guitar".   You'll find several amazing clips of him playing his guitar...or piano...or cello.  See the power of family.  Watch and enjoy!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week In Review

What are the chances that on the day our home study is approved (finally- hallelujah!) I would unknowingly buy a loaf of bread with our new son's name on it?!  First of all, I rarely buy bread because we just don't eat that much bread and when we do, I usually make it, so it was on a whim that i even bought the bread.  Secondly, by the time I got to the store, I had exactly twenty minutes to tear through the store and shop for and buy a week's worth of groceries before racing off to pick up my younger son.  I was charging through there like a crazy woman!  I quickly squeezed a few loaves and chose the squishiest, freshest one.  Imagine my surprise when I took the loaf of bread out of the fridge the next day, I was shocked to see "Julian", our son's advocacy name*, printed onto the bottom of the bag!  I'm pretty sure that I've never bought a loaf of bread that had our other son's names printed anywhere on it!  As our seven year old, Smushy, said, "That's called a coincidence, Mama".  It sure is, son.   I wonder if all the bread at Whole Foods says "Julian" on it?  Do you think "Julian" made the bread?  Inspected it?  Bagged it?  Maybe I should go back and check...because would it seem more or less weird if every bag said Julian?

*Most agencies give the children that they have listed an advocacy name, an English name that is meant to protect their privacy.  

We also got a new picture the night our home study was finalized!  Here he is in all his glorious cuteness!  

And, last but not least, our I-800A was finally sent off to USCIS on Friday for the first round of immigration approval.  Yay!